InGlobo Investment Companies

Champ Equity

CHAMP has one of the most successful private equity track records in Australasia, with a history of principal investment dating back to 1987. The primary investment objective of CHAMP is to achieve long-term capital appreciation in businesses located in, or otherwise having a material portion of their business plan centering on, Australia and New Zealand.

InGlobo is an affiliate investor in the Champ 4 fund that is the principal investor in Dutton, Container Chain, Pepperstone, Straits Shipping and others.


Sourcing and procurement, supply chain solutions for mining, marine and oil & gas. Servicing Australia, Africa and Asia.
Invested : April 2008 – Current


National B2B supplier of office products with offices in all capital cities. One of four national providers.
Invested : September 2009 – December 2013


Provides innovative below the line branded marketing solutions for any marketing budget.
Invested : March 2008 – December 2013

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