InGlobo will consider investment opportunities in most sectors with the exclusion of mining, property, agriculture and biotechnology. The sectors InGlobo’s investment committee and are most comfortable with are:
Retail, Supply Chain Solutions, FMCG, Education, Financial Services, Resource & Mining Services/Supply, Marine Services, Oil & Gas and Maritime Services/Supply, Construction & Urban services, Industrial Products and Services, Sourcing & Procurement, Business to Business Office Supplies and Services, Information Technology and Media, Manufacturing, and Wholesale Distribution.

InGlobo’s current focus is as follows;

Growth/Expansion Portfolio

Offshore Supply Chain Services (Western Australia)
Mining Supply Chain Sourcing and Procurement (Western Australia, Asia & Africa)
Oil & Gas Services
Promotional Marketing (National)
Office Supplies (National)

Buy/Out Portfolio

Civil Services, Construction and Urban Services
Asset Finance
Wealth Management
Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution
Oil & Gas Services
Financial Services

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